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Basics for the race

The championships are organized in the second half of January in Sweden 2019, Finland 2020, Denmark 2021 and Norway 2022. The first loop had the same sequence starting in 2015.

The race director is running the event. To aid the race director on rule interpretations a race jury is elected at the race meeting. The race jury consists of one representative from each nation and the race director.

Unsportsmanlike conduct breaching the spirit of the rule set, the sport and competition is penalized by the race direction on its discretion by warnings, lap deductions or disqualifications.

The races are run on an 8 lane track of a minimum length of 40 meters providing 12,5 Volts loaded.

The endurance race is a single body event, while the sprint race is open to a list of Scaleauto bodies.

As liveries are free and may be presented at the venue, photos will be taken at start and published on the web along with results. By entering the events an entrant accepts that the organizer publishes results and photographs on the championships official website and in social media. The most number of laps made over the duration of a race decides who wins the championship. This is decided by the lap counter.

Technical inspection will be open for 60 minutes and it is possible to have the car checked in parts during this time, however it is the test at the time it is left for parc fermé which is decisive.

Event organizers provide all actual scrutineering tools for the event at the start of official practice. These tools must include a scale measuring to at least 1/10th of a gram, specific calipers or gauges for measurement of the front and rear spur and specific calipers or gauges to measure the minimum front wheel diameter and width. Specific gauges to measure ride height before, during and after the race is also be provided at this time. These tools will be the only ones used by the scrutineer(s) during the event.

The procedure for handout of tires and motors shall be announced in the invitation at least 90 days prior to the event.

During lane changes, which are 2 minutes, no work on the cars is allowed - work on the car may only be done under green light. Lane changes are administered by the race direction.

Cars being serviced or repaired must be replaced on the track in the service zone marked out by race direction.

If the ground clearance, car widths or car weight is found to be in breach of the rules during the race, it must be rectified under green light. Inspections are made on the fly during the race. A car found too low, too wide or to light has to be repaired immediately and before making any race laps. A penalty of 5 laps for each and every infraction is given.

Parts falling off the car during racing must be replaced under green light (see rule 1.1.6 (f) for exceptions). Rear wings must be re-mounted properly in the event of mounts breaking or wings falling off. Cars have to be taken off the track to be repaired within 3 laps after they have been found faulty. If not done within the three laps a penalty of 2 laps will be given for each lap made past 3 laps.

The word "Track" can be used to call for power off by active drivers and turn marshals in the following situations: a/ the car becomes a rider, b/ a car under the bridge, c/ a car falling off in the straight in front of the drivers, d/ a car positioned in the in-fields. Additional zones may be decided by the race direction. Illegal track calls by drivers are penalized by a 2 lap deduction for each infraction.

Sprint race

The Nordic Open Sprint Championship is run as a sprint race with lap time qualification over 1 minute and finals over 40 minutes (8x5 minutes). The race is open to all entrants.

Entry fee is 10 Euro exclusive costs for handout parts (motor and tires). For those taking part in the endurance race the handout motors used are to be used in the endurance race and covered by that entry fee. A motor may be changed once if found faulty at a cost of 5 Euro.

The sprint race run with both practice and race on the Friday at the race weekend.

The practice is ticketed in 4 minute stints as 4 minute drive followed by 4 minutes marshalling. A new stint may not be booked on the board before marshalling duty is fulfilled.

Sprint race schedule (40 entries):

10.00 - 15.40 Ticketed practice
15.00 - 16.00 Technical inspection
16.00 - 16.10 Race meeting and election of race jury
16.10 - 17.30 Qualifying lap time 1 minute
17.30 - 21.00 Race 8x5 minutes / 1 minute lane change (5 groups)

Endurance race

The Nordic Endurance Championship event is run as an endurance race over 6 hours (8x45 minutes). Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are represented by two teams each. It is at the discretion of each nation to select their teams. All teams must be presented and fees paid by January 10 in the year of the event.

A team consists of 3 or 4 members. Each member in a team of 3 must drive a minimum of 110 minutes and in a team of 4 a minimum of 85 minutes. A team stint schedule shall be presented to the race direction before start. The schedule will be announced at the race direction during the race. Changes to the schedule are accepted. A team that do not observe the minimum driving times will be disqualified.

The starting fee per team is 250 Euro including 3 pairs of handout wheels trued and branded, 1 handout motor per driver in the team. A three person team is allowed a fourth motor on racing day. Included in the fee is also breakfast, lunch and dinner on the racing day.

Practice is run as a lane per team in pre-defined stints.

Each team has to provide a turn marshal at all times in the race and in practice. A missed marshalling duty leads to a deduction of 10 laps in the race for each infraction.

Endurance race schedule (8 teams):

21.30 - 22.30 Practice as 1 round of 8x6 minutes
07.30 Venue open
08.00 - 10.00 Practice as 1 round of 8x12 minutes
10.15 - 10.45 Technical inspection
11.00 Race meeting, election of race jury and lane draw
11.30 Lunch
12.15 Start
19.30 Price ceremony and race dinner

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