1/24th Scale Auto Regulations as used in the Nordic Championships 2018

General rules
Technical rules

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Rule updates

Observe that free practice starts at 16.00 on Friday Janurary 26th.
The race organization has looked into the two Q's from Denmark regarding springs and motor posed on Facebook and decided the following:
1. Springs are to be regarded as a free part
2. The b-speck endurance motor (SC-0026b) is legal
Maximum rpm measured on the rear wheels is set at 6800 and controlled at technical inspection.
Maximum rpm on spare motors measured on motor axle is set at 24000.

Spare motors are to be inspected prior to or during technical inspection and placed in parc fermé during the event.
Only one accepted motor per team may be outside of parc fermé at any time during the race.
The rulebook for the 2018 Nordic Championship in Scaleauto is now published.
There are some major changes to the ruleset and we ask you to read it carefully. However a short note on the changes can be made. In 2018 the race is a single model event in regards of chassis and body. We have decided to only allow the new chassis and the Porsche 991 for the event. Hence the rulebook has been changed in other parts as well to accommodate this. One such change is that there are some carbon chassis parts allowed as the original model comes with them. We have also decided to allow the carbon wing as many have purchased a wing kit before to only be able to use the rubber wing mounts.

We really hope you will enjoy this new challenge for Trondheim in 2018

Claus, Jaakko, Lars and Rolf