1/24th Scale Auto Regulations as used in the Nordic Championships 2024

Download the 2023/2024 Rule Book as PDF

Rule updates

A minor addition to the rules has been decided. It will be used in Trondheim.
The rear wing mounts are free of make, but must elevate the rear wing a minimum of 8 mm, not extend outside of the wing seen from above, and be fixed in the original intended position of the body used.

The 2023 rulebook will be used in Trondheim 2024.

The rulebook for the 2023 Nordic Championship in Sweden is now published.

The rules for the 2020 championship have now been published.

Major changes:
1 There will be a sprint race with a laptime qualification and finals (win from any) over 8x5 minutes. In this race any of the Scaleauto bodies are allowed except for the Corvette, which was made available too late from the manufacturer (our break date is September 1st). All technical rules are else the same as in the endurance race.
2 The timetable is changed as to accommodate both the sprint race and the endurance race within the duration Friday-Saturday.
3 Drivers that are part of an endurance team will use the motors that the team have for the endurance race in the sprint race as well. Non-endurance race entrants will have handout motors included in their starting fee.
4 Dodge Viper will be used as the body in the endurance team race.
5 A new measurement is introduced regarding the maximum width of the body mounted on the car.
6 The penalty structure is changed. The post-tech is abolished and some specific penalties clarified. Apart from them, the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and race jury decisions will be used to prevent misinterpretations and tampering.

There has been a late update to the rules for the 2019 championship.
The following parts are accepted as to strenghtening the guide holder construction:
SC-8160A, SC-8160BC (if not already in the kit), SC-8166 and SC-8166B.
These parts will be introduced to the next rulebook update, thus the decision made is not only for 2019, but onwards.

The rulebook for the 2019 Nordic Championship in Scaleauto is now published.

The main changes for the coming race is that we use handout motors (NSR King Evo 25000, art.no. 3026), a 50 Euro increase in fee to cover increasing costs, pushing for better detailing on the bodies, introducing a minimum clearance for the body, and a remark on tinted windows.
All rule changes are highlighted in yellow (in the downloadable pdf version).

We have been waiting for the release of the Corvette, but no indication on that it will be available.
So the 2019 event runs with the Porsche as in 2018.

We hope that all of you appreciate these changes.

The committee