Scale Auto - Nordic Endurance Championship


Hi all Scaleauto racers,

The 2024 Nordic Endurance Championship will take place in Trondheim April 5-6.
We will run according to the technical rules set for 2023.

A change in race schedule is that there will be no individual sprint race on the Friday evening, something we have done for the last few years, but the event will focus on the Saturday endurance race. There will be plenty of practice on Friday and a full cycle of practice on Saturday morning.

Formal invitation and times will be available soon.

Lars Harrysson

The Nordic Championship event is run as an endurance race over 6 hours (8x45 minutes).
Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are represented by two teams each.
It is at the discretion of each nation to select their teams.

For rules, go to the page Rules.

Check list for organizers

For information and results from the previous races,
go to the page Archive.