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The race in 2015 will be in Sweden on January 23-24 2015 in Partille,
20 km east of Gothenburg, in cooperation with the club GO-69.

For practical info on the track and venue of GO-69, please visit their website:

Invitation for the 2015 race.
Results from the 2015 race in Partille, Sweden.

Below we present the 8 teams in the 2015 race.

The teams from Denmark

SlotGear Racing:
Lars Jacobsen
Per Møller
Andreas Jacobsen

SlotGear Racing was founded in 2012 when the team took over Superslot's place in the DES series
The team has had some turnover among drivers through time, but there are now 2 fixed on the team, Lars Jacobsen and Per Møller.
Best result was the overall victory in DES 2013.
In 2014 it became a 3rd place in the DES series.
The team won the qualification for Scale Auto NM in Denmark.
The target for 2015 is to be in the top of Scale Auto NM in January 2015 as the team aims to be in the top of DES in 2015.


Christensen Motorsports:
John Christensen
Mathias Christensen
Johan Christensen

Christensen Motorsports is a Family based slot-racing team, including father John (47) and the two sons Mathias (19) and Johan (16). They started racing on a Scalextrix track at Christmas eve in 2002 and participated at the Danish Scalextric Championship in 2003 with fastest qualification in Kolding. Over the years they have made several top results in different Scale Race classes - both 1/32 and 1/24. In the past few years Christensen Motorsports participated in most of the Danish Championship classes in Scale Race 1/24 and they have made a lot of impressive top results and around 10 DM titles. Outside this context the team has also secured several top results in e.g. Copenhagen Classic, Thunder in The Desert, Danish International Retro F1 Grand Prix, Danish Endurance Series 2014.
Christensen Motorsports have been members of the Club "Racer Rillen Odense" from late 2003. See more on the website

Christensen Motorsports

The teams from Finland

Senior Team:
Car: BMW Z4 GT3, Liqui Moly. Builder: Kai Kivekäs/Jaakko Pohjola
Supported by: KAHA OY Liqui Moly Lubricants & VIHTI miniland

Kai Kivekäs, NTSRC
Barcelona WC 2006: 3.
Endurance European champion 2008 (with Henri Eskman)
5L Summernight Rennen win 2008 (with Matthias Parke)
Many Top 10-positions in IMCA & OEPS
19 x finnish master, 1/24 FSC & GT/P model car series
42 x finnish master, 1/32 Fin Cup home racing series
1 x Euro series champion (F1-32 2006(?))
Owner of the World's largest Scalextric Super 124 track (Nokwood, Nokia, Finland)

Kimmo Rautama, ARH Ry
Scaleauto racer since 2011
European champion G7, 2006
European champion G27, 1999
Finnish champion G7, 1997
Finnish champion ES 1/24, 1995
Slotracer since 1983

Kalle Pohjola, VIHTI miniland
Finnish Scaleauto cup winner 2012, 2013, leading 2014
Finnish master FSC 1/24 1000cm3 class 2013

Jaakko Pohjola, VIHTI miniland
2 x Finnish master, Fin Cup 1/32 home racing series
Top 3 positions in Finnish 1/24 GT/P & FSC series


Junior Team:
Car: BMW M3 or P997 (propably). Builder Jussi Kokki/Juha Pitkänen/xx

Leevi Laurén, RiiUA
Finnish Scaleauto 1/24 cup 2013, 4th

Maisa Litja, VIHTI miniland
Finnish Scaleauto 1/24 Cup 2013, 10th

Venni Pitkänen, VIHTI miniland
Finnish Scaleauto Cup 2013, 3th (2th in current Scaleauto cup)

Jussi Kokki, LemUA
OEPS entries
Many top 3 positions in Finnish FSC & 1/24 GT/P series
Many top 3 positions 1/32 Fin Cup home racing series


The teams from Norway

Damstredet Blue Team:
Car not decided, but probably a R8 or an SLS

Rolf K. Andersen
Glenn "Q" Bråten
Roy Bråten

Roy and Rolf have done long distance racing internationally in various constellations under the name of Damstredet Racing the last decade. They started racing in various IMCA races, did several seasons in OEPS and have the last years raced in the Danish Endurance Series (DES).
Roy was EEC runner up, behind Kai Kivekäs, in the GT 2 class and also has a 2nd place in the IMCA amateur worlds.
Glenn is Roy's son and has raced with the team the last couple of years in DES.


Damstredet Red team:
Car not decided, but probably a R8 or an SLS

Jan Andresen
Petter Krogstie
Per Faber

This team has loads of experience from the Norwegian slot scene.
Petter is the founding father of the Oslo based Damstredet racing Club.
Jan has been racing various 1:32, 1:24 and ISRA like racing for several decades.
Per rediscovered slot racing a couple of years ago after he left slot racing in the 60's/70's.
The team is kind of making their international debut although both Jan and Petter have done some racing in IMCA and OEPS.


The teams from Sweden

Car: ?    Builder: ?

Jonny Johansson, Bjärke SCC
Bo Åkesson, Malmö SRC
Simon Gustavsson, Sv. Scalextricklubben
Johan Restadh, MK Ran


Car: BMW Z-4 GT 3    Sponsor: Manga    Builder: Lasse Maté

Stefan Törnfeldt, MK Stenung
Winner of Gothenburg 1000 1994 and 1999
Winner of Swedish Championship G7 1992
Winner of Swedish Nationals 1993,1995 and 1998
Winner of European Championship G27 Light 2011 in Germany
2nd in World Championship G7 semi-pro 2004 in U.S.
2nd in World Championship G27 Light 2006 in Brazil
2nd in World Championship OMO 2007 in U.S.
3rd in U.S. Nats G27 2012

Lasse Maté, GO-69
Has been racing since 2008
3rd in Model Series 2009
4th in Copenhagen Classic Team Race 2014
Drives both modell and scale cars and is the car builder of the team

Lasse Törn, GO-69
Has been racing since 1974 for GO-69
2nd in Gothenburg 1000 2002
Used to build controllers in the 70s (Moraco)
Has won lots of Retro och Scale races
Chairman of GO-69 and contact person of Sveslot's western district

Michael Landrud, Sv. Scalextricklubben
Winner of G27 at Swedish Nationals 1997, 1999 and 2001
Winner of G7 at Swedish Nationals 2001
Winner of Open 12 at Swedish Masters 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008
Winner of Open 12 at Scandinavian Masters 2010 and 2014
Winner of Gothenburg 1000 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012
Winner of F1 at ISRA Worlds 2003 and 3rd 2004 and 2010
Winner of ES24 at ISRA Worlds 2003
2nd in ES32 at ISRA Worlds 2006 and 3rd 2012
Winner of Team race at ISRA Worlds 2007 (with Palmquist), 2011 (with Trigilio) and 2013 (with Dolzhanskij)

StefanLasse MLasse TMichael