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The race in 2017 will be held on January 27-28 in Aalborg, Denmark.

Invitation for the 2017 race.
Results from the 2017 race.

Latest day for payment is Friday January 13th.
Payment should be made to:
Claus A Henriksen
Sæderupvej 79

Bank info:
IBAN: DK3754790002057538

Some info about the technical inspection

All cars will be checked on the rear wheels, permitting 7230 rpm measured on the rear wheels with no load.
At the same time teams can bring spare motors that will be tested and approved if rpm is below 26500, motors must be clearly marked.
TC will also mark the motors and keep them in parc ferme.
Measurement can be done with pinion mounted.

During the race the team can mount this motor directly without having to go through a new measurement.
Off course they must show the new motor with the marking.

Below we present the 8 teams in the 2017 race

The teams from Denmark

Christian Høfler
Claus A Henriksen
Thorkild Hjorth Sørensen
Lasse Kristensen


SlotGear Racing:
Lars Jacobsen
Per Møller
Andreas Jacobsen
Søren Thomsen


The teams from Finland

Junior Team:
Venni Pitkänen (
Santeri Savikko (RiiUA)
Leevi Laurén (RiiUA)
Kalle Pohjola (


Senior Team:
Kimmo Rautama (ARH Ry)
Aleksi Salminen (LemUA)
Jari Laakso (RiiUA)


The teams from Norway

Damstredet Racing:
Rolf K. Andersen
Glenn Bråten
Roy Bråten
Geir Jensrud


Trondheim Bilbane Center:
Oddne Ervik
Svein Egil Refnes
Anders Rønning
Thomas Aune

Svein EgilOddneAndersThomas

The teams from Sweden

Sweden 1:
Michael Landrud (Sv. Scalextricklubben)
Bosse Åkesson (Malmö SRC)
Stefan Törnfeldt (MK Stenung)
Thomas Werner (Sv. Scalextricklubben)

Sweden 2:
Lasse Maté (GO-69)
Mats Augustinsson (Bjärke SCC)
Axel Werner (Sv. Scalextricklubben)
Lasse Törn (GO-69)

Lasse MMatsAxelLasse T