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Dear Scaleauto racers,

We have found it necessary to cancel the 2021 Nordic championships due to the ongoing pandemic.
We are planning for an on time 2022 championship. Updated information will be posted by October 1 regarding venue, rules and hopefully a clear to go.

Stay safe and look after those around you

Best regards
Claus, Kimmo, Lars and Rolf


Dear Scaleauto racers,

The organising committee for the Nordic Championships has discussed the upcoming championship scheduled to be held in January 2021. We agreed on that the race must be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic affecting all our countries.

The race will preliminary be run in June 2021 instead, still in Malmö, Sweden. A final date will be presented by mid-April.

At this date in April any rule changes will be published as well. We do not foresee any major changes though, but will go through them as always, coming up to a new event.

Please do not hesitate contacting us if you have any questions or comments.

We wish you all a healthy and safe time ahead. Take care!

Claus, Kimmo, Lars and Rolf


Dear ScaleAuto racers,

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting our lives in many ways socially, apart from being a high risk health issue. A while ago the organising committee for the Nordic Championships discussed the possibilities for running the 2021 championship as scheduled in Malmö. We decided to wait until November 1st to make the call.

Under the current restrictions it is hard to see that many of us would be able to travel outside our own national borders without quarantine coming back home (Norway and Finland). At this stage there is no quarantine requirements for travelling to Sweden from Denmark, Finland and Norway, although unnecessary travel is unwanted.

At this time the recommendations from the Public Health Agency in Sweden explain what increases the risks for transmission. Those affecting us are: indoor activity, international participation, more than two hours duration, limited number of restrooms, and possible people in risk groups.

The club room in Malmö is spacious enough to allow for eight teams of three drivers, a total of 24 plus a minimised race direction, and still hold distance between the teams, not within the teams though. Mouth guards would be necessary at all times. Dining has to be outside of the venue. The duration of the event is hard to change and the number of restrooms is limited to one plus a urinal.

As decided this far, we will come back with a decision on what will happen by November 1st.

Until then, take care of yourself and others.

Claus, Kimmo, Lars and Rolf


NC in Vaasa a great success in many ways, but sadly no Danish teams this time.

27 individual drivers and 8 teams meet in Vaasa for the annual Nordic Championships. Just as last year the racing was on a high level and very close all the way to the end. The team race decided in the final 10 minutes after a continuous battle between Finland 1 and Sweden 1. Fun to see how the racing over the years has become closer and closer. We just missed the Danes, but we are very grateful to the two "Botnia" teams to enter the race and make it 8 competitive teams.

This year we ran an individual race instead of only practice on the Friday. All seem to have appreciated this new order. Great racing and fantastic training. It will continue.

Finally a thanks to the organizers. We were "praying" for a good race, and ended up in a modernist church in Vaasa to have plenty of fun and good food, served by the type of hospitality you always wish for. Thanks!



Dear fellow Scaleauto drivers

The invitation to the Nordic Championship 2020 is now presented. It introduces a new format and the opportunity to participate in an individual sprint race held on the Friday, followed by the classic endurance team race on the Saturday.

The registration for the team race is fulfilled by the national representatives:
Rolf Andersen (NO), Lars Harrysson (SE), Claus Henriksen (DK) and Kimmo Rautama (SF).
The registration for the individual sprint race is done through the registration form on the website.

Registration closes on December 10.

Please read the rules and the invitation and get informed about the races and how they are organised. It is slightly different if you are driving both races to only one of them.

We wish to see you at the track in Vaasa, Finland, at the end on January. It starts with your timely registration.


Claus, Kimmo, Lars and Rolf


Welcome to a new era in the Nordic Champs for Scaleauto racing.

For the 2020 Nordic Championships we have made a few changes to the rules.
Under Rules the major ones are presented in short. However, as changes have consequences in many other places in the rules you should read the complete ruleset to grasp them properly.

As from the committee we hope and believe these changes will offer a new dimension to the Nordic Scaleauto Championship.

Claus, Kimmo, Lars and Rolf


The Nordic Championship committee is working on the rule update for the 2020 race.
As announced earlier the race will be on the last weekend of January in Vaasa, Finland, on the ISRA 2018 Worlds track.

Regarding rules and formats we will run an individual Nordic championship race on the Friday.
The team race runs on the Saturday as before. For the team race we will run the Viper.

The detailed ruleset will be released by end September.


The championship 2019 is over. It was a challenging event with a lot of good racing. For the first time a Swedish team made it all the way, with a Finnish team very close. The Swedish second team surprised us all and got third, closely challenged by Slotgear from Denmark. Thanks to MK Ran Askersund for the facility and to Annika Andersson for a fantastic hospitality.

Next year we are going to Finland. They invite us to use the ISRA 2018 worlds track for the event. It will be held in Vaasa. Plan in for the last weekend of January in Finland already now. That will be a great event.

Along the way, feel free to enjoy some Scaleauto racing locally or with your neighbours. The Danish serie's dates are found on, the Finnish dates on, the Norwegian dates on, and the Swedish dates on The sites may be in local languages, thus ask the guys on the committe if you need some help with interpretation.

The committee will work on the rules up until September for the release for the 2020 championship. If you have ideas please contact your committe member. Denmark, Claus Henriksen; Finland, Kimmo Rautama; Norway, Rolf Andersen; and Sweden tba. You may also use our Facebook group to present ideas and feedback.

We see you all at the track!! /The Committee

The Nordic Championship event is run as a sprint race for individual drivers, and an endurance race over 6 hours (8x45 minutes).
Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are represented by two teams each.
It is at the discretion of each nation to select their teams.

For rules, go to the page Rules.

Check list for organizers

For information and results from the previous races,
go to the page Archive.

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