Scale Auto - Nordic Endurance Championship


Some more info:

Meals are 90 SEK each plus drinks (also lunch).
Drinks are between 10 and 20 SEK.

Cost for handout:
Sprint race 250 SEK per driver (motor + tires)
Team race 150 SEK per team (1 new set of tires)


Dear racers,

Time is passing fast and in just two weeks we meet in Malmö for the 2023 Nordic Scaleauto Endurance Championship. Let's make it a memorable meet. We have worked hard over time to make these events fun, sportsmanlike and to present close racing.

We are 32 entries in the sprint and 8 teams in the endurance race.

This is a short information message about a few practical things.

1/ On the Friday there will be a pit spot for every participant in the sprint race. During the team race on Saturday there will be two pit spots per team.

2/ Dinner menu for Friday is pork filet with potato salat, and for Saturday meat stew with rice.

3/ Starting fees and handout parts shall be paid in cash (SEK), while meals and purchases in the kiosk may be paid either in cash (SEK) or by using the Swedish system Swish.

Welcome to Malmö and a great opportunity for some good model car racing

Lars Harrysson, race director.


Hi all Scaleauto racers,

In August 2023 it is time for a new Nordic challenge. We hope you will find it intriguing to participate. This year we run the race in Malmö, Sweden, at the Malmö Slotracing Club ( August 18-19.

At this stage we are not fully back to a Nordic Championship with its rule set, but we will use this opportunity to lay the plans for the future. This year we follow the successful strategy from 2022 in Trondheim, Norway, and run a laid back, still very competitive, event with both an individual race on the Friday and an endurance team race on the Saturday.

We do offer special space in the team race for national teams from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, but we will do our best to make room for all that wish to race endurance to do so. Please indicate in your registration for the individual race if you want to run the team race as well. The national teams are registered earlier, thus we know what space there is for more teams two weeks prior to the final registration date. The national teams are presented by the national representatives of each country.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate in contacting Lars Harrysson.

Check out the invitation.


The Nordic Championship event is run as a sprint race for individual drivers, and an endurance race over 6 hours (8x45 minutes).
Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are represented by two teams each.
It is at the discretion of each nation to select their teams.

For rules, go to the page Rules.

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go to the page Archive.