Registered racers for the 2020 individual race

Name Country Team  (if participating in the endurance event)
Lars Harrysson Sweden Sweden 2
Graeme Stephenson Sweden Sweden 1
Oskar Ellerstrand Sweden Sweden 1
Kimmo Rautama Finland Finland 2
Anders Rønning Norway Trondheim Bilbane Center
Magnus Åmell Sweden Sweden 2
Sven Egil Refsnes Norway Trondheim Bilbane Center
Ådne Ervik Norway Trondheim Bilbane Center
Tero Lahola Finland -
Venni Pitkänen Finland Finland 1
Juha Pitkänen Finland -
Jari Laakso Finland Finland 1
Harri Nykänen Finland Finland 2
Markus Nukari Finland Finland 2
Leevi Laurén Finland Finland 1
Per Faber Norway Damstredet Racing
Yngve Hansson Norway Damstredet Racing
Jussi Kokki Finland Finland 2
Gunnar Åmell Sweden Sweden 2
Rolf Andersen Norway Damstredet Racing
Peter Tihinen Finland -
Jasper Koivisto Finland -

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